A A. Silva Matos – Equipamentos e Transporte, S.A. is one of the companies belonging to the A. Silva Matos Group, a renown group in the metalworking industry in Portugal, exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of all types of tanks.


The Research & Development team joins an extraordinary group of collaborators who have accumulated many years of experience in the conception and design of this equipment. Its objective is the development and exploration of new project and construction technologies.


Experience and technology fuse to originate in an optimised high-quality product with the lowest cost possible.


Divided into two production units, both located in Sever do Vouga, A. Silva Matos – Equipamentos de Transporte has one unit dedicated exclusively to the area of gas and the other to the manufacture of transport equipment for the most diverse products. In this way, the company is better equipped to respond to the demand and expectations of its Clients, without jeopardising deadlines and production quality.


Its production is based on the most varied construction codes and standards, be they European or international, which affords it a greater capacity for integration and adaptation to diverse and demanding markets.


ASM ET’s business activity primarily focuses on values such as globalisation, authenticity, responsibility, competency and environment and safety.   ASM ET wants to be recognised for their competence and ability in the activities related to its mission, through the promotion of sustainability, be it of the environment or of their own activity. Quality, Innovation and Competitiveness are the strategic characteristics of its performance.   “Create value through its collaborators, who are competent and motivated, satisfying the needs and requirements of its Clients and stakeholders.”




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