ASM ET considers Quality, the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety as main paths toward the strategic development and sustainability of its activity.
The company´s Board commits itself to acting according to the following principles:
- Client oriented service: by offering Clients products and services which satisfy their requirements, as well as fulfilling all legal requisites applicable to the company’s activity and the requirements contained in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standard and OSHAS 18001/NP 4397 standard; through the careful observation of market developments in order to systematically adapt its supply to the market demands, directing the activity to “innovation at the service of the Client”;

 - Resource Management: through the constant search for more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly solutions, updating and developing the competences of its human resources and observance of work conditions based on the health and safety of its collaborators;
- Quality: with the continuous development, maintenance and monitoring of its production in a way that guarantees the quality of the final product; ensuring the design, manufacture and supply of products and services;

- Sustainable environment: ensuring environmental protection through measures of accident prevention, process control, optimisation of the consumption of energy, water and other natural resources and decreasing pollution; with the  implementation of the best technology available and the appropriate management of the waste produced, by having it recycled, re-used or eliminated by authorised entities;

- Active safety: by defining and implementing correct work methodologies, encouraging the adoption of safe attitudes and the correct usage of work equipment; implementing methodologies for the identification of dangers, risk assessment and  risk management, in order to prevent injuries and damages to individuals who are under their supervision;
ASM ET commits itself to fulfilling all of the Management System requirements, according to the standards in effect, while continuously improving efficiency.




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