A. Silva Matos – Equipamentos de Transporte, began its activity with the production of LPG tanks at its facilities in Gandara - Senhorinha, in Sever do Vouga, Portugal.

After working, almost exclusively, for four years in the area of gas, the Board decided to expand its business and produce a vast range of equipment for transport and storage.

In the growing and promising market of 2007, ASM ET acquired the 47,500m2  facilities of a company which had been specialised in the manufacture of transport equipment.
In this way, ASM ET tripled its production capacity and consequently improved its services to its Clients.
Therefore, ASM ET owns two facilities, one dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of LPG equipment and the other to the manufacture of diverse transport and storage equipment for various products.

Since then, ASM ET has made several investments in the modernisation of the facilities and in the acquisition of the most technologically advanced equipment, making it one of the most competitive companies in both the national and international markets. These are the guarantees of work being carried out with Perfection and Quality, which aims to surpass all of our Clients’ expectations.

Today, production is based on the most rigorous standardisation codes, as a response to the growing market, of which the markets of the Middle East, Asia and Africa are markedly important.



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